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Delta One Lapidary sells lapidary supplies, equipment, tools and saws for jewelry making

12" Single-Speed Belever/Grinder With Water Feed


Covington Model No. 5046HGw 4 -- 12

12" Single-Speed Belever/Grinder With Water Feed - No. 5046HGw 4

12" Single-Speed Belever/Grinder With Water Feed

12" Single-Speed Belever/Grinder With Water Feed 12" Single-Speed Beveler/Grinder 545 RPM Features: available in 110v.; shaft will accept 5/8"-11RH male accessories. One inch stainless steel shaft with welded flange. Aluminum water manifold with flexible water hose. Heavy welded steel chassis with stainless steel catchpan. 1/2 horsepower single speed motor, with water resistant switchcord. The 12" single speed grinder/beveler is a versatile unit designed to grind, shape, and polish small pieces of glass. Flat diamond discs are the cleanest, fastest way to make glass bevels. The standard single speed unit runs at 445 rpm and includes a 12" blanched and mircroground plate that has been powder-coated to resist rusting while still allowing a magnet to be securely attached. A 1" brass centering pin aligns magnet easily. The brush and removable stainless steel splashguard allow larger pieces to be worked while keeping water splash to a minimum. This unit is made with 11 guage box tubing and 16 guage removable side panels topped with heavy duty powder coatings. The side panels are easy to remove, making maintenance and lubrication simple. . This machine accepts 5/8"-11RH male threading tools and adaptors. This model comes with a full one year warranty on parts. Sold each. MADE IN USA Water




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