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Delta One Lapidary sells lapidary supplies, equipment, tools and saws for jewelry making

lapidary supplies, equipment and tools
at delta one lapidary


At Delta One Lapidary, we can supply your lapidary equipment, lapidary tools, rock hounding tools, and jewelry tools and equipment needs.  In the interest of going green and saving money, we don't publish a hard copy catalog. 

Our newest addition to our website is Double J Gemstone Jewelry.  In these pages, you'll see a collection of  jewelry handmade by Juli Dahl (three were made by Jerry).  Every piece is made of gemstones and either gold or silver plated beads.  We found that using even the gold filled, or the sterling silver, beads, drove the cost way up, and we wanted to keep it affordable, so the metal beads are plated.  Some pieces use dyed beads, and these are all identified on the relevant page.  You can view all the pieces by clicking on Double J Gemstone Jewelry in the red box on the left side of the page.  And come back often-we'll be adding new designs periodically.

 We've closed the brick and mortar store we ran for four years in Waldport, We still carry grit, and have some lapidary equipment on hand.  Our business is by appointment only, so if you're interested, please call us at 541-563-7495 for directions and hours we're available.

Juli can teach you how to form cabochons  for $50.00 for a three hour session.  Jerry isn't teaching faceting classes until his health improves much more.   Call us at 541-563-7495, for details.

Orders from the Grobet catalog that total less than $60 will incur an additional $10 processing fee.  We'll be adding products regularly, so check back often to see what's new!  We'll also expand other product lines whenever needed.

Click here to use our new keyword search of our complete online catalog!

We sell lapidary equipment and supplies including grinder polishers, glass machines, sphere machines, rock tumblers, wet belt sanders, gem drills, slab and trim saws, lapidary units, 10", 12", and 16" vibrating laps, arbors, faceting discs, band saws, grits, polishing compounds and media, diamond saw blades, diamond grinding wheels, sanding discs and belts, faceting machines, cabbing machines, diamond sprays, compounds and borts scales, dops, drill presses, flex shaft machines and hand pieces, vibratory tumblers, casting equipment, loupes and magnifiers.  

As active lapidaries who use and understand what we sell, we provide technical assistance for our customers.  We're dealers for some of the most respected names in the lapidary business, and can find for you anything you need to achieve an excellent outcome for your lapidary pursuits, whether professional or as a hobbyist. 

You’ll find a button on the homepage that will lead you to an original story about the Oregon sunstone, written by professional story-teller Mike Coyote, of the Pomo tribe.

Use our secure shopping cart to order, then if you have questions about your purchase, call us on the number below.  To speak with our technical adviser, call 541.563.7495. 

Please note:  due to fluctuating manufacturer's costs, prices quoted are subject to change without notice.




new items


12" Single-Speed Beveler/ Grinder - No. 5046HG 4



"RING GUARDS Ladies White - No. gro38.0505A 4

1 lb


Polish laps - No. LL8 c/n

3 lb


Polish Laps - No. CL6

3 lb


Polish Lapes - No. CL8

5 lb


Polish Laps - No. FLCAB


14 oz. Rock pick - No. EPR014 4

3 lb.


8"AOX LL Polish Lap - No. LLAO8

2 lb.


CabKing-6V3 cabbing machine - No. 6V 4

54 lb


Cab King Grinder Polisher - No. 8V1 4

160 lb


Sintered Diamond Cutter Cups 4" - No. DC4405- 4

3 lb


4" Trim Saw - No. r22-229 #

11. lb.


Voltage Transformer - No. CVT30 4c

6 lbs.


Faceting Starter Laps Assortment - No. dosk1

4 lb.


5 lbs. Super Cerium Oxide - No. SCO005c

6 lb.


1 lb. Cerium Oxide - No. C85001 4

2 lb.


5 lbs. Cerium Oxide - No. C85005 4

6 lb.


Carriage Slab Saw Kits - No. SK1100 #

50 lb.


Silicon carbide bulk roll - No. WSCR15 4

2 lb


Charged Walnut Shell - No. gro47.769 4

6 lb.


Magnetic backed disc 24" 45G - No. NB2404 4

20 lb


Mini Diamond Scale, 50 Carat x 0.01 Carat - No. Gro 50.303 4

2 lb.


6" Cerium Oxide Polish Lap - No. LL6lite Carium

1 lb



Since shipping and handling charges vary widely, actual charges will be computed individually and added to your credit card charge.




sale items


Check back for more new items

Since shipping and handling charges vary widely, actual charges will be computed individually and added to your credit card charge.



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